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Break in your new running shoes with this Training Guide

New Running Shoes are Great!

Whether new to you or old faithfuls, here are some things to do to assure happy miles in your new shoes.

Please wear your new shoes in your home in the evening for about an hour.

Your feet are bigger at the end of the day, like after a long run, and perhaps more sensitive to how well your shoes fit. Your running shoes should have a 1/2 to a full-size extra room in front of your toes, especially for afternoon and evening runs. Roll up on the balls for your feet and make sure your toes are not against the front of the shoes.

Please do an easy 20-30 minutes on a treadmill or clean indoor running track wearing your favorite non-cotton running socks. Do this during the same time of day as your typical runs.

Your shoes should be comfortably snug in rear-foot and mid-foot, and generous in fore-foot to accommodate swelling and splay, but not sloppy while running and walking.

If your new shoes are not the right size or do not feel as good as they should, please return them for a size or pair that feel better.

If your new shoes feel good, we recommend a Ten Run Break-In Program:
A 20-30 Minute Treadmill Run
3 Runs of 30 Minutes
3 Runs of 40 Minutes
3 Runs of 50 Minutes
After those ten runs you should be able to happily do longer runs, but gradually increasing miles in your new shoes is still encouraged.

30-Day Limited Guarantee: If after following our Ten Run Break-In Program your shoes are not working well for you we will exchange them for a pair of shoes that could work better for you. Shoe box is not required but encouraged during the Ten Run Break-In period.

Anytime while you have your shoes, you are welcome to come in to have us help you modify the fit, feel, and comfort of your shoes with lacing techniques and/or better insoles. Many stock insoles do not last as long as the shoes will.
Most running shoes are good for 300-500 miles, depending on running style, weight, and surface.

In-Store Running Shoe Purchase Policy:
For Regular-Price Shoes you have a 7-Day Refund Option and a 14-Day Exchange Option for Clean, No-Wear, Resalable Shoes in the Box.

Shipped-Shoes Purchase Policy:
For Regular-Price Shoes you have a 10-Day Refund Option and a 20-Day Exchange Option for Clean, No-Wear, Resalable Shoes in the Box.
You can either bring them to the store or ship back.

Clearance Shoes at 20% discount or more have No Refund Option. 

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Don't let COVID 19 stop your run -we are here for you!

There is no better time than now to get outside. Whether you're running, walking, or just getting some fresh air, we are here for you. You may not want to venture out to shop, but there are several ways you can still shop local for your favorite running gear:

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The Wasatch Running Center is looking for the best ways to serve you both safely and responsibly while still fostering our passion for our active, healthy lifestyles. We can't thank you enough for your continued support through this uncertain and challenging time.

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