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We love trail running and our trail shoe selection proves it. It is such a great way to get off road, away from civilization, and become a better, stronger runner. The uneven surfaces will help improve balance and strength while balancing the development of leg, knee, ankle, and foot muscles and tissues.

Trail shoes are different from road shoes in many ways. They are more durable and therefore often heavier than road shoes because of the extra-beefy uppers. Trail shoes can also be stiffer for extra stability for running on uneven and unstable surfaces. Trail shoes are often lower profile than road shoes to add more stability.

Because trails are softer and more forgiving than the roads, trail shoes usually don’t offer the cushioning or feel as soft as road shoes. All said, trail shoes are for the trails and road shoes can do double duty as long as the trail is not too technical.

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Don't let COVID 19 stop your run -we are here for you!

There is no better time than now to get outside. Whether you're running, walking, or just getting some fresh air, we are here for you. You may not want to venture out to shop, but there are several ways you can still shop local for your favorite running gear:

Come see us in Store - we are following all mandated physical distancing and sanitizing guidelines as well as offering curbside pickup. Sandy 801-566-8786  Centerville 801-296-8786 

The Wasatch Running Center is looking for the best ways to serve you both safely and responsibly while still fostering our passion for our active, healthy lifestyles. We can't thank you enough for your continued support through this uncertain and challenging time.

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