Have a good Run.

The Beginning

The Wasatch Running Center opened Saturday 6 March 2004.

It all started when I was 10 years old and my father started running and I would go with him to the middle school to run around the fields. I just wanted to spend time with my dad, and it has turned out to be my lifestyle and livelihood. I never stopped running… for very long. I ran in 6th grade as much as most 6th graders run. I joined the Rockford Jr High track team for 7th and 8th grade and had one of the most memorable races of my life. On the first lap of the 800 my foot was kicked throwing it forward, hyper extending my knee, making it really sore. Instead of walking off the track and nursing my knee and ego, I kept running, finishing in dead last. It never occurred to me to stop, but when I crossed the finish line the crowd cheered, maybe more than for the winner of the race. That race, dumb or courageous, taught me a good lesson about dedication and perseverance. I’ve always been determined to finish something I started. I ran track through high school and XC my junior and senior years. I should have competed more in college, but ran only one season of XC at BYU Hawaii. Over the next decade I never stopped in a race or even on a training run, it just never made sense. It was not until a particularly hard workout that I ran myself to exhaustion and walked for the first time before the run was finished. That experience taught me other important lessons: Listen to your body, know your limits, be smart, don’t let your ego hurt yourself, there is always another day to do better.

Glen Gerner

Glen Gerner, Owner
Age: 56
Hometown: Rockford, Michigan
Years Running: 45+
Favorite Shoes: TOPO Terraventure & Ultrafly, ON Cloud & Cloud Flow.
Favorite Distance: 10 miles, 13.1
Favorite Race: Any cool and sunny
Favorite Run: Summer Solstice on Bay Trail, Anchorage, Alaska, or any trail
Favorite Book on Running, Fiction: Once a Runner
Favorite Book on Running, Non-Fiction: Programmed to Run, The Lore of Running
Favorite Runners: Roger Bannister, Pre, Emil Zatopek, Kara Goucher
Goals: Stay Fit & Healthy, Have Fun, Serve the Running Community
Wife: Elizabeth, who will beat me running one day
Kids: Thomas – 13, Tibby – 11, Roy – 9, Edward – 6, George – 4